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About Us:

The company:

For the past 10 years our company has been manufacturing and marketing mystic and jewish kabbalistic products in Israel and abroad.


An online store was established due to the constant demand of our customers to return to our store and purchase additional products while updating themselves with the businesses newest up and coming products and deals.

The most important factors to our company are trust, quality and service. These factors are crucial in the customer and company partnership.

One tenth of the company's profits are donated to various institutes across the country according to realistic decisions.

Our company is advised and accompanied by a cabbalistic Rabbi who provides us with the belief and strength to implement our goals.

The experience our company has, enables us to continue develop products, which all connect spirituality with materialism & provide high quality responses to any request. Service and the products success feedback is especially important to kabbalah-products.

We can be contacted at: Kabbalah-Products

The Products:

Our variety of products are chosen carefully and precisely, by their originality and quality, and are based on their cabbalistic heritage.

The Kabbalah-products are created on the holy ground of Israel, and there are unique products that are created during certain times, for example when there is a full moon etc.

The websites-instructing Rabbi, who has given his full consent and blessing to sell these unique items, examines all our methods, written works, passages and letters carefully.

It is important to know that it is not proper or fitting to bring products, which have holy names or passages engraved or written upon them into filthy and non-holy places, like bathrooms etc. it is important to respect the holiness of the product and either to cover it twice with a cloth or to take it off completely.

Each product is unique in its own way. There are products for success, love, livelihood etc. When looking for a product it is best if you first go according to what you specifically are looking for.

In order to receive the maximum effect from all our products, one cannot remove himself from believing in G-d who can provide us with spiritual and physical strengths to do what needs to be done!


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