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7 Spheres
Chessed- lovingkindness
The characteristic of Chessed is Love. In the Body it goes parallel to the right hand and synonym is the Patriarch Abraham. Chessed- Lovingkindness is the driving force - it opens and leads qualitys of the Heart since all of them are types of dealing with other people and that in itself is Chessed.

Gevurah- severity
This quality's characteristic is Awesome /Fear. In the Body it goes parallel to left hand and synonym is Itzhak. Severity expresses itself in pedantic behaviour and that is a sensitivity to small things and resolute judgement. Severity reduces simplifying of Chessed and this quality has a lot of movement beyond it and removes itself from above and below.

Tiferet- beauty compassion
This quality is also known as Rachamim-merciful. In the body it refers to the bones.(Sometimes it is also referred to the Heart). The one who is synonym for it is Yakob.
Tiferet is the Focus of all emotional Spheres and there is a joining and nourishment between Chessed and Gevurah and its Gap is Tifereth. The Torah shining light from David is equivalent to Tiferet.

Netzach-glory splendor majesty
The quality is inner strength ( in terms of a healthy self esteem coming from Holiness and trust in Hashem. Because he gives you the Power to live.) In the Body it is parallel to the right leg or right kidney. Moses is synonym to Netzach.
Netzach deals with is victory,endurance and ability to organize.

Hod- Majesty
The Quality is the Innocence ( Seriousness, Honesty, Opposite of Foolishness)
In the body it refers to the left leg or left kidney. It is impersonated by Aaron. The Hod expresses itself in Vidui( Confession of Sins) Information about the goodness and truth( also without understanding ) Explains detailed Hod ve Hadar. Hod is also a weak point and opening to evil.

Yesod-foundation or intimacy
This quality refers to Truth (of course to push authentification and realisation)
In the Body it is parallel to the Brit Mila.Yosef impersonates this quality. The whole issue of reproduction and guarding of Brit belong to Yesod.

Malchut- Majesty
This quality refers to is baseness. In the Body it is parallel to the mouth. The one who embodies it is David.
Malchut is an expression to the outer world-in Action and Speech. And she is the Goal and End of all the Spheres.Since Malchut comes down to a concern of overcoming death. Most of the Time it identifies itself with a woman.



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