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The Choshen - Breastplate
It was made of five materials: twisted linen, gold, skye blue, dark red and crimson dyed wool. "And you shall make the breastplate of judgment, the work of an artist; after the manner of the ephod shall you make it: of gold, sky-blue, dark-red, and crimson dyed wool, and of twisted linen shall you make it." (Ex. 28:6,15)" The Breastplate is called "breastplate of judgement - hoshen mishpat". It had a square shape and was worn over the heart. It received the name because of the role that it played in assisting the Kohen Gadol's decision making. Each stone was representing one tribe and it's flag. On every stone was an inscription of the tribe's name.

Ruby - Reuben - Red

Jade - Shimon - Green

Agate - Levi - Red White, and Black Striped

Carbuncle - Judah - Bluish-Green

Lapis-Lazuli - Issachar - Blue

Quartz Crystal - Zebulun - Clear

Turquoise - Dan - Blue

Amethyst - Naftali - Purple

Agate - Gad - Grey

Aquamarine - Asher - Blue-Green

Onyx - Joseph - Black

Opal - Benjamin - A Stone Possessing All the Colors

The High Priest is immediately immersed in the Divine inspiration. When he looks at the Breastplate while meditating upon a holy name he is able to get prophetic answers from the stones that would start to shine to his eyes and tell him the answer. Whenever the all tribes would find favour in G'ds eyes all stars would shine. If there would be a transgression in one of them it would not shine in the related section of his tribe. When such was a case, the Kohen Gadol would try to find the sinner and judge him.



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