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Rosh ha Shana in Kabbalah

The name hints to the Hebrew word for change - "shinui". On Rosh ha Shana and until Yom Kippur is the best time to repent and change.
In Kabbalah the Shofar is associated with the Sfirah called Yesod. The Shofar has the task to blow away evil from our soul and awake us to return.

Hanukka in the Kabbalah - The Dreidel

The Dreidel has the letters Aleph, Gimmel, Dalet and Hei written on its sides. It stands for Nes Gadol Haia Poh- Here was a great wonder which refers to the great wonder that happened in the holy land. Then the situation was hopeless but the miracle was happening out of the commitment of Maccabees. During the time of Greek oppression it was forbidden to study Torah. Always when they studied they kept a Dreidel close so that they can pull it out in danger and pretend to be playing when they were in danger. It always reminded them of their heritage.

The Gematria of the letters of the Dreidel is 358 the same value as Mashiach.

Kabbalah of the Hanukkia

Hanukka is called festival of lights. The root of Hanukka is chinuch meaning education. The celebration of Hanukka is a circle in which we light 36 candles to reveal the light of creation. Light very often is compared to wisdom. The famous Rabbi Maimonides said that the Prophets received visions like a flash of light.That type of light was there for Adam and Eve for 36 hours. In every generation we have 36 hidden righteous people on earth to keep the world's balance. The lights of the Hanukkia are holy. Upon lightning we say a blessing because they are holy. The candlestick is having 8 branches because of the wonder of Hanukka. The Greek's left our holy temple after desecrating it with Idol worship. When we wanted to purify it there was not enough oil for the holy menorah for even one day. But after turning the light on it burned for 8 Days. We light also the candles in hope that light will triumph over darkness.

The Sederplate of Pessach

The Seder is held in Israel on the first night of Pesach and outside of Israel on the first two nights. It's meaning is Order. While doing the Seder we read the Agada shel Pesach- Tale of Pesach. The Seder consists has different parts and many symbolic foods that represent a link to the historic background.
1. Kidush - Blessing over Wine
2. Salt and Water to remember the tears that have been shed from the suffering of the slaves
3. Matzah to remind us of the haste leaving of Egypt. It was the Bread that the slaves ate
4. Bitter Herbs - preferably lettuce
5. Charoset- Charoset is made from grated apples and nuts and it's texture looks like mud. It reminds us of the bricks that had to be made from mud
6. Bone and Egg - they don't remind us of the Exodus but of the Destruction of the Holy Temple. The burned egg reminds of the offerings brought as a sacrifice to the Temple on pilgrim festivals and the roasted bone reminds us of the Pesach offering brought to the holy temple.

All of these symbolic foods make us experience the exodus and remember the big wonders.


is the Blessing recited over the Wine or Grapejuice. It is recited on Shabat, Yom Tov in the evening after the beginning of Shabat/ Yom tov and in the morning. Kidush is a commandment of the Torah.

The night Kidush consists of three parts
1.Three verses from Genesis that recount how G?d rested on the seventh day and sanctified it.
2. The blessing for wine.
3. A blessing thanking G?d for giving us the Shabbat
The morning Kidush consists of several verses from Exodus followed by the blessing on wine.The goblet should be able to hold at least 76.5 milliters. The wine / grapejuice is poured into special goblets to beautify the Mitzvah. The one who recites the Kidush drinks some of the Kidush and passes it to the other participiants.

Shabat Candles

When we turn on the Candles on Shabat we turn on the light in our soul. We feel G'ds presence and the light adds a warm atmosphere. To light Candles before Shabat is a commandment for women because they are most likely at home. When someone lights the Candles a blessing is recited. With the Recitation of the Blessing the Shabat starts for the woman. Shabat is a day when we fill up our soul, body and mind with strength while connecting to our creator. Some light 2 Candles that stand symbolic for Shamor and Zachor- to remember and to guard the Shabat. Some women light 2 candles and one for every child they have.


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