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How to clean a shofar ?

Shofar when they are clean at the factory they usually cannot remove all residues from the inside. The smell is decaying because the residue & flesh that clinging in crevices.

One method to clean a shofar:

(1). You have to brush out all the residue that can be seen in the shofar & to pour enough hydrogen peroxide to fill half the

horn with mouthpiece plugged.

(2). You have to swirl it until you see the residue bubbled out, pour out the liquid & do it again until you see that no more residue come out.

(3). You can then dry your horn with a soft rag attached to a piece of wire or coat hanger.

Another method to clean a shofar:

(1). Plug to the shofar mouthpiece with an ear plug.

(2). Pour in enough gravel that it can still be shaken easily. Plug the large end with a soft ball (You can use foam nerf ball).

(3). Now shake it about 10-15 minutes.

(4). Empty the gravel from shofar & remove the soft ball.

(5). Fill the shofar with alcohol & put another soft ball.

(6). Now shake it about 2-3 minutes.

(7). Empty the alcohol & remove the soft ball.

(8). You can put the shofar to let him dry. (You can repeat the process as needed).

(9). Finally, you have to use an anointing oil this is contains myrrh which is a natural preservative. Pour a small amount of the oil in the bell of the horn and swirl around. Oiling the shofar is must in order to keep it from cracking.


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