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Hamsa Pendant - 9k Gold Oriental Hamsa with Inserted Gem

The Hamsa amulet is shaped like a hand to stop the evil eye. In Judaism it is called “the hand of Miriam” named after Miriam Moses’s sister.
This hamsa is made from gold and has a gold Magen David in the center with a unique gem. On the three center fingers three of the 72 names of the creator are engraved; Shin Aleph Heh- for matchmaking, Aleph Lamed Dalet- for guardianship and protection, and Mem Heh Shin- for health.
*The image is for a silver Hamsa but this sale is for a 9k Gold Hamsa.

Produced by Haari Kabbalah jewelry

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Our Price: $370.79

Sku: KH-101g

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