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It is permitted to learn Kabbalah
In earlier generations were restrictions regarding studies of Kabbalah. That was out of concern that those who study will get all the studys in an awkward, dark and physical way. That would lead them to a wrong comprehension because many regimes and images are physical and the beginner student would not know how to divide the fables/allegory from the physical. Therefore in earlier generations only those with mature Psyche and Brain plus deep knowledge of Torah before studying Kabbalah, were accepted. The study of Kabbalah itself had to be conducted by a Rabbi who knew how to guide his students and keep them safe from mistakes.
Even with more progress of the generations we explore more and more about the Torah inner Life. At once from darkness of the exile was needed a lot of light from the Torah to diminish the despair which expressed itself in the spiritual state, psychological diseases and depression stemming from the Exile. A solution was needed from the inside of the Torah. Unfortunately the Coming of the Mashiach depends of the Exploring of the "Heart" of the Torah which would bring a Redemption with ease and mercy (Zohar).

With the approaching of the Redemption it becomes a Mitzvah to publish the content of the Torah. Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai said that in the generations who are close to the coming of the Mashiach, babies and children will be involved with Kabbalah.
In our generation it is our Mitzvah to reveal to others. Everyone has permission to learn Kabbalah and Hasidut. Everyone can learn the content of the Torah and everyone should take the chance to do it.

How can someone prevent any danger caused by the studies of Kabbalah?

G'd has sent guiding Rabbis to show every man the light of Torah during the sharp progress of the Exile towards the Coming of the Mashiach.All the Teachings from Hasidut come in order to bring the light of Kabbalah to every jew's heart.The Teachings of Hasidut takes materialism off from the Kabbalah.It converts the corporal wordly allegories to spiritual allegories and reveals how kabbalah can be best interpreted or understood.

Hasidut also teaches out of which motivation Kabbalah can be learned and guides the Learner to integrate the Secrets of Kabbalah into the worshipping of G'd.Studies of Torah according to Hasidut keeps the man from collapsing dangerously while studying and that makes the learning experience meaningful to all of us.

Womens study in Kabbalah.
There exists a difference between men's study of kabbalah and women's study of Torah. Men are commanded to study Torah including parts that are not linked to their day to day life. Even though the women can focus their studies on what is linked to their religious obligations. The Idea why a man studies is to encourage him to action and to fulfill Mitzvot. This way he becomes a better Jew and Person while drawing closer to G'D while carrying out his will.

Between the 613 Mitzvot that have been given to the Jewish People, six of them exists always.These mitzvot called mitzvoth of the Heart, include the Knowledge of dealing with the presence of G'd.
2 Mitzvot belong more to consideration that are to love G'd and fear of G'd. Fear of G'd is the Mitzva to honor G'd and experience him as if you stand in fear/awe before G'd. Those 2 Mitzvot belong to Men, Women and children.

The right experience of love and fear of G'd depend on the process of watching and study of the inner secrets of Torah. The Rambam composed a Book called Mishnei Torah about the mitzvot of the Torah. His Book starts of with these 2 mitzvot .He states that in order to achieve love& fear of G'd as mentioned in the Torah,men and women,must observe the Creation.The Rambam was born before the Zohar was published as a Book.

It is clear that in order to love& fear G'd men must be aware as possible of the secrets of Creation. That Awareness will awake in the intelligent feelings of love and heartfelt Fear of G'd.

Kabbalah Studies are not valued differently between Men and Women because the Goal is to awake love and heartfelt fear of G'd. Duties of the Heart and especially regarding these 2 Mitzvot have the same value for children.

The technical studies of Kabbalah will not bring immediately feelings of love and fear of G'd. With that the earlier generations had the great merit of the revelation of the Baal Shem Tov. Hasiduts language suits everyone. Its goal is to awaken deep love and fear of G'd- thus it is suitable for men, women and children.
It is clear that all must be learned according to the individual Levels of understanding.

Understanding has many levels. It is advised to start from zero and then progress.


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